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Edible Santa Sleigh (as well as non-edible version)

Category: Edible Crafts


Royal icing (ingredients and recipe below), Decorating bag, Decorating coupler, Decorating tip #3, Three graham crackers (each is four sections), Two candy canes (unwrapped), Chocolate foil-covered Santa (approximately 4 inches tall), Associated Christmas candy


  1. Follow the directions on the can of the meringue powder mix to make a recipe of Royal Icing.

  2. Working quickly put the Royal Icing into the decorating bag, coupler, and tip already in place.

  3. Squeeze the icing on top of one graham cracker, then quickly place another graham cracker on top.

  4. Squeeze the icing onto both candy canes and attach one on each side of the long edges of the crackers.

  5. Carefully break the third graham cracker in half widthwise.

  6. Again working quickly, attach half of the graham cracker standing on its edge on the back of the sleigh. (The front has the curved portion of the candy canes.)
  7. Carefully break apart the last half of the third graham cracker.

  8. Quickly attach one half on each side, long edges on top of the candy canes and short edges touching the back of the sleigh.

  9. Let the sleigh sit for a few hours to harden.


  10. Fill the sleigh with the chocolate Santa Claus and assorted Christmas candy.


  11. This is an edible sleigh. Simply pull the crackers and candy canes apart to eat Santa and his sleigh.


  12. Note: You will have plenty of Royal Icing to make more sleighs.

    Variation:You can use a glue gun to glue the sleigh together, but it will not be edible.

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