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Paper Lighthouse

Category: Rainy Day Crafts


White poster board, 1 - 9 oz paper cup, 1 - 5 oz. juice/dessert plastic cup (It should be much wider at the top than at the bottom, 1- 6 oz., juice/dessert plastic cup (It should be pretty straight.), Heavy-duty paper plate, Regular size screw band from a Mason Jar (canning jar), Acrylic paint, Hot melt glue, Some rocks


  1. Cut the poster board to form the base of the lighthouse. On a piece of white poster board draw a quadrangle. To make the quadrangle draw a rectangle that is 13" wide and 12" high. Measure 3" in from the top on each side of the rectangle (as shown in the illustration). Draw lines from the 3" marks down to the bottom corners as shown in the picture. The top of your quadrangle should be 7" wide and the bottom should be 13" wide. Cut the quadrangle out. Glue the sides together to make a cone shape. Cut the bottom so that it sets on the table flat. (If you are going to add stripes, you may want to paint them on before you glue the sides together.) Glue the bottom of the base to the middle of a heavy-duty paper plate.

  2. To make the railing, cut 1" off the top of the 9 oz. paper cup. Discard the rest. Place the screw band and inside the paper cup top so that the rim of the screw band and the rim of the paper cup are both facing up. They should fit snuggly together. Glue them together. Slide them down over the top of the lighthouse poster board base. Glue them in place.

  3. To make the windows where the light comes through place the 6 oz. plastic cup upside down inside and on top of the screw band and lid and glue down.

  4. To make the roof of the lighthouse, glue the 5 oz. plastic up upside down over the 6 oz. plastic cup.

  5. To finish paint the lighthouse and base with acrylic paint. Glue on rocks to the base.

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